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We sell a variety of items to embellish your riding apparel and your tack.

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The Stock Tie inventory in our online store has been updated. Other items will be uploaded soon.

In the meantime Sport Horse Custom Accents will be at the Arabian Sport Horse Nationals, Sept 4-10 in Raleigh, NC and the Region I GAIGS Championship Dressage show, Oct 5-8 in Williamston, NC.
Stock Ties and Pins - All of our stock ties are hand-crafted one-of-a-kind items. Each stock tie comes with a pin carefully selected to complement the tie.

Stock Tie Pins - We have a large variety of stock tie pins to enhance the look of your existing stock ties.

Helmet Bling - We have helmet bands and other items to spruce up your helmet
Jewel-Handled Whips - We have a variety of jewel-handled whips available. Find one to complement your stock tie. 

Saddlepad Embellishments - We trim saddlepads in a variety of colors. Select one that complements your show apparel.
Sport Horse Custom Accents
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Sport Horse Custom Accents
Phone: (919) 920-0513
Email: info@sporthorseaccents.com
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